Connection to Paper to Trader dxFeed

The Paper to Trader dxFeed connection provides access to a risk-free Simulated environment for paper trading on CME, CBOT, NYMEX, and COMEX futures.

  1. To access the risk-free Simulated environment via the Paper to Trader dxFeed connection, users must first sign up and open an account by clicking "Sign Up" on the following page: After signing up users will be sent two emails, one including instructions and one including a password to be used for Step 2.

  2. Once a user has signed up and purchased a Paper to Trader license, users must log in to their Paper to Trader account portal: Here. This link will also be emailed to users after registering.

  3. Before proceeding to connect on Optimus Flow, users must sign the mandatory Non-professional market data agreements prompted for first-time users in the top right of their Paper to Trader account portal.

  4. After signing the mandatory market data agreements, users can open Optimus Flow and access the connection menu.

  1. With the connection menu open, click on "Paper to Trader dxFeed" under recent connections on the lefthand side of the menu.

  2. Set the connection to REAL

  3. Enter the same email address and password assigned to you that is used in Step 2.

  4. Press connect.

  5. Once Paper to Trader dxFeed is connected, users may not receive market data immediately until they update symbols on their watchlist, chart or DOM:

  1. Once a symbol has been added to your watchlist, chart, or DOM users will begin to receive live market data and can begin using their Paper to Trader login for risk-free simulation trading.

Users can customize their account balance and risk parameters at any time by logging back into their account portal (Login here):

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