Market heat map

A market heat map represents real-time data in the form of tiles that are automatically sorted by volume or price change

What is a Market Heatmap panel in Optimus Flow?

Market heatmap is a useful visual tool for viewing any watchlist of underlyings against each other. The different shades allow traders to see quickly and clearly each underlyings strength or weakness.

How to get started with the Market heat map panel?

1. Launch the Market heat map panel from the Control Center. The panel is located in the Misc category.

2. Add the necessary symbols by clicking on the icon "+".

How to customize data types?

● The panel allows displaying data in two modes:

Treemap mode in which the size of the tiles depends on the value of the price or volume change.

Cells show tiles of symbols from largest to smallest value (price or volume change).

● You can also switch between two sorting modes — Change, % (daily price change), Volume

● You can save and switch between different lists of assets. For example, create a list of your favorite futures. After saving, you can select the desired actions:

● — Add to Watchlist allows you to add a previously saved list to the current

● — Replace Watchlist allows you to delete the current list and add all instruments from the previously saved one

● The panel allows you to compare volume and price changes over the past day. Select the required date in the past, and the panel will load data for the analysis.

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