Trading Journal

Customers of Optimus Futures now get FREE access to our latest tool – A TRADING JOURNAL with platform-sync technology.

Access your Free Journal Here - Simply log in with your existing Optimus Flow credentials. If you don't have one, create one by getting a demo account by clicking here.

  • Automated Journaling – Upload all your trades seamlessly from Optimus Flow to the Trading Journal with just one-click

  • Get in-depth trading analytics and performance metrics on all your trades on Optimus Flow

  • Improve Trading Performance - Identify patterns in your trading to find out what’s working so you can focus on your strengths and cut down on your mistakes

  • Web-based Journal – Access your trade history anywhere on any device

Existing users that are currently logged in to the Optimus Flow platform must log out and log back in to access the newest features.

After a user has re-logged into their Optimus Flow account, your platform will then have the ability to export your trades to the journal with a single click. To export your trades via Optimus Flow, simply open the TRD - Trades Window and click the new Export to Journal button.

Users also have the option of exporting/important trades via CSV file. To export trades via CSV from Optimus Flow, click the menu icon in the top left of your trades tab and then choose Export Data.

Once Export data is selected, choose the Check all columns icon and then Export file.

Once your CSV trade log has been exported, users can manually import trades via CSV in the top right of their trading journal. Click on the + Add Trades button, choose By File, select Optimus Flow as the Import Format, choose your file, and then click Start Import!

Please take a look at our introduction video for instructions and a step-by-step guide on how to get started:

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