FX Cell

The panel shows the best bid/ask price for a certain instrument and allows to place a market order at these prices

What is FX Cell

FX cell panel provides the combination of two important features - quote data and trading controls for order placement. It was designed with FX traders in mind but it can be used with any symbols for any market.

The FX Cell panel menu contains:

  • Edit — allows you to change the account or trading symbol;

  • Link — allows linking several panels by common symbol using the Color definition. Just select one link color in FX Cell and other panel and they will have a synchronized symbol parameter. Once linkage is applied, the panel’s title will be colored to the respective color.

  • Duplicate panel — allows you to create a copy of the panel with the same settings.

Trading with FX Cell

  • Select a trading instrument and an account. You can select a trading symbol manually or through linking to a Watchlist or to other panels.

  • Set the order size. Click the size field and either type a new value or use the mouse wheel to move to a new value.

  • Set the order duration (TIF). Depending on the selected connection, the TIF types may vary.

  • Place the order. Orders are placed by clicking the buy or sell buttons. You must confirm the order before it is placed.

You can manage your open positions with the Position panel.

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